CEDEK is guided by the universal command to help those in need. It applies to each of us individually and as a community. CEDEK is involved in various fields of service in Hungary and in other European countries

Among EU-member states Hungary has the fastest growing rate of children affected by hunger and extreme poverty. There are also countless adults living on the streets, unable to afford a hot meal. CEDEK tries to help by organizing food drives and free public meals.

We collect gently used clothes and find their new owners – whether it is baby clothes for a premie or shoes and a warm coat for a homeless adult.

During the winter months the biggest financial burden is heating. We believe that nobody should be forced to choose between paying for food, medicine or a warm home. CEDEK is determined to keep everyone warm by finding ways to pay for heating. Our spring campaign focuses on re-painting homes affected by mold and mildew to prevent certain health issues.

Our child and family services provide toys, school readiness programs, tutoring programs and help with daytime child care. CEDEK also organizes day camps and in-home childcare to support and help single parents.

In the coming months, our organization will start various programs in the following fields: health care (preventive care, screening, medical equipment, medicine, etc.), employment (job center), education (scholarship, vocational training, tutoring, etc) and research (incentive programs).

Don`t hesitate to contact us if you or someone you know needs our assistance.

Phone: +36 30 725 0364, +36 1 268 0183


Mailing address: CEDEK EMIH Izraelita Szeretetszolgálat, 1052 Budapest, Károly Krt. 20.